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NOVA Chemicals

Headquartered in Calgary, Alberta, NOVA Chemicals Corporation is a petrochemical company founded in 1954 and acquired 100% by IPIC in 2009. NOVA Chemicals’ current businesses and joint ventures focus on olefins/polyolefins (ethylene and polyethylene), chemical and energy co-products, expandable polystyrene, and performance styrenic polymers. It develops value-added products and technology for customers worldwide that produce consumer, industrial and packaging products.  NOVA Chemicals concentrates on the North American markets, in which the technologies, product grades and markets complement IPIC’s existing petrochemical capabilities in Europe and the Middle East.

The company has 2,500 employees worldwide and recorded sales in 2012 of $5.1 billion. It has commercial operations in Calgary, Alberta; Sarnia, Ontario; Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; Fribourg, Switzerland; and Shanghai, China. Manufacturing sites are in Joffre, Alberta; Corunna, Moore Township and St. Clair River, Ontario; Monaca, Pennsylvania; and Painesville, Ohio. It also has Technology Centres in Calgary and Monaca.

NOVA Chemicals’ quality polyethylene (PE) resins provide high-performance, sustainable, cost-effective solutions that can help to extend food freshness, reduce packaging gauge, improve organoleptic properties, enhance barrier properties and provide product protection. They are a resilient alternative to traditional materials for numerous applications, including food packaging, heavy-duty sacks, hygiene films, caps and closures, industrial injection moulding, small part blow moulding and many more.

The company is a leader in expandable polystyrene (EPS) technology and applications development. EPS has moved beyond foam packaging and insulation to become a significant source of foam construction products for many applications as well as the traditional foam beverage cup. The primary markets include Building & Construction, Geofoam, Packaging and Cup & Container.

NOVA Chemicals’ ARCEL® advanced foam resins are a robust platform of materials that provide solutions to a multitude of packaging and product challenges. The unique properties of ARCEL resins meet the needs for protective packaging, protective material handling, safety, automotive, recreational, and other applications.

When used for protective packaging and material handling, ARCEL resin reduces packaging size and weight while maintaining high protective properties. In comparison to traditional foam packaging, ARCEL resin reduces package size by as much as 40%, resulting in a positive domino effect that cuts energy consumed in the manufacturing of packaging, lowers fuel consumption and emissions throughout the supply chain, and reduces the waste stream for both foam and corrugate.

NOVA Chemicals is also the licensor of its proprietary SCLAIRTECH™ technology and NOVACAT™ family of catalysts. SCLAIRTECH technology has been available for licence for more than 20 years. Licensees are located around the world and offer leading-edge resin solutions in their markets. Currently, more than 2.6 million tonnes of PE is produced using this technology. 

The NOVACAT catalysts are a series of advanced, supported Ziegler-Natta catalysts designed specifically for the gas-phase platform. NOVACAT catalysts are capable of producing butene and hexene linear low-density PE (LLDPE) copolymers with improved performance characteristics, superior hexene copolymers having high dart impact properties, and competitive HDPE resins. 

NOVA Chemicals also developed an anti-coking furnace tube product, ANK400, which increases on-stream time for ethylene furnaces. This technology achieves an inner-wall surface chemistry with a demonstrated ability to significantly reduce catalytic coking. This technology has been licensed to Kubota Corporation, which manufactures and globally markets the product to ethylene facilities for gas feedstock cracking applications. 

NOVA Chemicals is a founding member and leader of Responsible Care, which underlines the company’s commitment to sustainability. Its operations begin with a focus on safety, health and the environment. Its commitment extends to how the business innovates, collaborates with others in the value chain and applies life-cycle management to its products and processes.

The company’s commitment to research and development is one of its key differentiators, is a foundation for its success and is a source of competitive advantage. NOVA Chemicals’ Technology group employs more than 300 scientists, engineers and technicians, with extensive professional experience in the olefins, polyolefins, styrenics and pipeline industries.

Its customer-focused R&D includes olefins and polyethylene, pipeline operation and integrity, higher-quality, lower-cost and sustainable petrochemical processes and higher-value products. Its Technical Service Specialists are experts in the processing of NOVA Chemicals resins in film, extrusion coating, moulding, profile extrusion and end-use applications. To provide a fast response to customer needs, trained technical service personnel are based in key locations throughout the United States and Canada.

The company’s  research programmes are particularly active in support of its Advanced SCLAIRTECH, gas phase LL/HDPE and high-pressure tubular process platforms, as well as polyethylene product and applications development.

Global Locations

Alberta: Calgary, Joffre
Ontario: Corunna, Moore Township, St. Claire River Site
Monaca, Pennsylvania
United States of America
Painesville, Ohio
United States of America
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Channelview, Texas
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