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Working at IPIC


Absher 310

IPIC is committed to helping advance the economic and industrial growth of the UAE and so we are proud to support the Absher Initiative, launched by the President, His Highness Sheikh Khalifa, to strengthen Emiratisation. The Absher Initiative is truly welcome news in a country that is experiencing such vigorous growth and expansion.

With our diverse interests and the wide range of industries in which we operate through our portfolio of companies, IPIC offers real career opportunities for Emiratis to work alongside people from many different nationalities. We believe that the cultural diversity of our workforce is one of the reasons behind our own business growth and success, and so we aim to see the number of our UAE national employees increase steadily in the coming years. Currently about 40% of our employees are Emirati and we are moving steadily towards achieving a target of 60%.

We actively recruit, train, develop and integrate UAE nationals at all levels in our business and we are dedicated to helping Emiratis become leading professionals in the sectors where we operate, enhancing their skills and knowledge along the way – and strengthening IPIC in the process.

We will play our part in Government plans to increase employment for UAE nationals over the next five years. While we prefer our employees to make a long-term commitment to the Group, the skills and experience our Emirati colleagues will acquire at IPIC will also stand them in good stead throughout their careers.

We will help populate the UAE’s workforce with young Emirati professionals who have strong, relevant business and commercial skills that will be even more highly sought-after in the coming decades. The Government is playing its part in focusing on this need; the educational sector is investing heavily in education at all levels to deliver qualified candidates; and the private sector must do everything it can to create opportunities for those candidates. IPIC is delighted to be making its own contribution.